Transport and distribution

Our trucks and solutions are used in virtually every sector & environment. Transport and distribution operations support every business, meaning reliability and efficiency are priorities. Our mission is to support you by providing trucks that help you to work more productively and safely.

Solutions available

Engine-powered forklift loading goods

Reliable and high-performing forklift trucks

  • Electric and engine-powered forklifts
  • Built-in safety system as standard
  • Tailor your trucks to suit your operation

Perfect for all your indoor and outdoor operations, we offer a full range of forklifts that work reliably in any application. With our unique SAS System of Active Stability we guarantee your safety and productivity.

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 Man unloads goods with BT Levio LWE130

Compact, efficient and easy to use

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to use in confined spaces like vehicles
  • Option of on-board vehicle charging system

The BT Levio LWE130 is a lightweight and robust pallet truck for short to medium distances. This low-maintenance truck is ideal for use in confined spaces including on-board delivery vehicles.

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Man making morning deliveries

Quiet deliveries

  • Silent hand and powered pallet trucks
  • Operate at a noise no more than 60dBa
  • Ideal for out of hours or deliveries in residential areas

The BT Silent range of pallet trucks have been designed to work efficiently at a noise level below 60dBA or the volume of two people talking, making it ideal for transport companies.

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Woman sitting at desk with laptop


Наші фінансові рішення допоможуть вам сконцентрувати увагу на основних напрямках бізнесу.

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Driver using BT Optio for order picking

Наш асортимент

Ознайомтеся з повним асортиментом наших навантажувачів, включно з річтраками, штабелерами та комплектувальниками замовлень.

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Service technician servicing a Toyota truck

Сервіс Toyota

Наші сервісні пакети дозволять вам адаптувати своє сервісне обслуговування до потреб бізнесу незалежно від його масштабів.

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Виробнича система Toyota

Ми дотримуємось концепції раціонального виробництва і працюємо згідно з принципами виготовлення на вимогу. Це означає, що ми виробляємо тільки те, що ви замовляєте.

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